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Heritage Homes in Ta’ Qali Craft Village is the Art Craft Centre of production of authentic and genuine Maltese souvenirs.

Heritage Homes was established in late 1989 by Roger Castillo and Anna Demajo within Anna’s house and eleven years later it moved to the Ta’Qali Crafts Village were it still stands.

Joe Galea, the Master Craftsman


In 1997 Heritage Homes won the Award for Achievement in Industry organized by the Ministry Industry.

The company changed hands in 2006 and was taken over by Joe Galea and since then it continued to produce high quality products and also introducing new ranges of gifts to adapt for the present market needs.

Every souvenir that is produced and supplied by Heritage Homes comes from the original design of Joe Galea, the Master Craftsman and owner.  Sculpture was a passion for Joe since his young age, when he used to create ceramic handmade models and statuettes and sell them to shops to earn some extra cash.

Handmade and Locally produced Souvenirs

At Heritage Homes every gift is handmade and produced at the Centre and other souvenir available like wool sweater, glass or ceramic items, olive oil, preservers and wine are locally made.

The Year 2011 will be remembered as very special one for Heritage Homes, as Joe Galea won two prestigious awards. The ‘Premju Gieh L-Artiggianat Malti 2010’ (Artisan of the Year Award 2010) organized by the Malta Crafts Council and also the ‘WIPO Award for Innovation and Creativity 2010’.

Design Handmade Souvenirs

At Heritage Homes Centre the artisans take care of every stage of the production from the making of soaps to the carvery and packaging of the souvenirs. 

In particular Joe Galea is famous around the island for its miniature of the Malta’s houses and historical buildings as the Majestic Royal Opera House. The main two range of gifts are so called the Heritage Homes and the Artistorika.

Heritage Homes

Heritage Homes range includes representations of actual Maltese village and town houses, farmhouses, churches , chapels, palaces, gateways and prehistoric temples.  

Each miniature in the series is hand made by master craftsmen and hand painted by a team of professional colorists.

As part of the Heritage Home range you can find:

  • miniatures
  • fridge magnets
  • plates


Artistorika produces a wide range of souvenirs and gifts both for the tourist and local market. As the name implies the majority of the items produced are inspired by motifs, ornaments and designs typical to our Maltese History. Most of the ornaments in the this range are made from simulated Maltese stone which has become so popular and synonymous to Artistorika.

As part of the Artistorika range you can find:

  • modern sculptures
  • jewel boxes
  • letter holders
  • card holders
  • pen holders
  • key hangers 
  • historic replicas
  • candle holders
  • fridge magnets

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