Discover Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

In the outskirts of Attard just a few miles from Mdina and Rabat, there is a wide open space  known as Ta’ Qali.

The area is very popular among locals and tourist as offers lot to do, infact you will find:

  • The National Football Stadium
  • Ta’ Qali National Park
  •  The National Vegetable Market, which is locally known as the Pitkalija
  • The Malta Aviation Museum

Another attraction of Ta’ Qali is definitely the Craft Village, located in the former RAF wartime air-field. During the World War II until the mid-1950s the area was used to build a military aerodrome and a station for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Nowadays you can watch skilled artisans making beautiful and original artifacts!


When on holiday many of us love to take home a memory of the place we visited, at Ta’ Qali Village you can find original and genuine souvenirs made by the expert hands of a group of Maltese artisans.

You can choose from a wide range of artifacts and art pieces from hand-blown glassware in all shapes and sizes to the internationally renowned Maltese lace, from pottery to the finest filigree jewellery.

You can also get to know the artists and sculptors, producers of ceramics and stone, local producers of food and drinks, furniture makers and metal workers on site.

The village is a ‘one stop shop’ for artisan’s souvenirs, made locally with passion and dedication.

As the Crafts Village is so unique in Malta, it is currently undergoing a large refurbishment but dont be put off, it is very much business as usual to make sure you can take home your special Maltese gift!